tips from my mom

see the money ???
yeah !!
happy, happy, and happy. :p
it's nearly a month i'm doing nothing at my house after finishing my study.
well, i do asked my mom for a work,
but she said " just work at home "
meaning, i need to do all the house work !!
oh come one .. ! you know that i'm just lazy to do all that.
but i just do it, without any hesitate, not because of money.
it because i don't want her to get mad everytime she saw the house that look like @@##$$ !~
but sometime i do lazy to do all those thing and just let the house being like in a  mess.
plus, i need to cook for the lunch too, and yesterday, we had a little arguement about how to fry the fish. HAHAHAH
i was sulking like hell, seriously like don't talk with her till the nite :p
and suddenly, that night, she suddenly give me some tips LOL.
i was like suprises, "huh.? for what ..?"
" for doing the household work.." that's what my mom said.
although it not too much, only rm100, but i still be happy.
hehehehe thank you, thank you , thank you !! HAHA
now i feel like going somewhere LOL ..
somebody, let's hang out with me !! :p