my usual life ( ̄へ ̄)

it's suck !
the week with full of test.. one week has gone now come another week.. then, the final exam is around the corner ~
look, i think ive been so tired but, i need to move on with what my life is destined for.. maybe it's writen for me..
and you know wut ? recently, ive become addicted to a series called Vampire diaries and as u know that i'm a lil bit crazy with vampire stuff..
it since my middle school ..haha ..
i know the things is ridiculous..but have you all thought once they really exists ? and if they do.. do they really look alike with what all the movie n drama describes..
such lot of version.. but the twilight one is funniest..
a vampire become shining under the sun ? LOL~ it get me laughing ya know.. huhu
so, since ive been so busy and no updating my blog, i feel like block up.. ijust dont have many ideas what to write about..
coz my life is just the same..
same thing i do always and seriusly i really get boring ..
hmm... still searxhing for new thing to life on.. but jrock fill me in and miss my baby Shou woohoo !~
ahh ! one more think ~ what do you guys think about shemale? i mean an originally a guy..but changing to be a girl ..
for me, it YUCCC !! and unfortunately, one of my old bestfriend has become one n he is totally disguste me out ! huuuh` i do't know what is he really thinking but that's the truth..he's trying to be a girl.. screw up ! disgusting !

my new favourite pic of shou-san xD

he look so hot here.. :3