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FANFIC 2 (Ruki The gazette )

Tittle: An Untittled Pledge.
Character: Matsumoto Takanori ( Ruki) .
                      Yuki Shirota( not a real name ).
                      Ryutarou Yamada (not a real name ).
                      Suzuki akira ( reita ) .
          Takashima kouyou (uruha).
“Why did you ignore me, these day ?”
Ruki –san seems fed up with that question. Without even look at her, he said.
“I’m tired. Jama shinai-dekure (stop bothering me) !” he slammed the door.
Yuki sigh. He has being so different lately. He doesn’t love me anymore? Those questions are always making her confused. Why did Ruki often ignoring her lately. So, that night he decide to follow ruki. He afraid that ruki would have playing affair with another girl.
The night sky looks so dark; there is no moon that day. Yuki still following him, wondering where did he went this late at night. Not as usual. She becomes insecure with him right now. Why did he change so much. Yuki still love him, and don’t want this relation to end. She wants to save it coz she’s really love ruki with all her heart.
Ruki walk and walk without even notice that yuki had following him until he then stop for a taxi. A taxi comes about two minutes later and he asked for a pub in kabuki-cho district. Ruki-san took his phone and takes a look at the screen. Yuki-san photo still in his phone screen but, don’t know why he ignoring her lately. Did I lose interest in her? But why do I still care bout her? What did I do actually? Ruki-san himself confuses about his feeling but he just thinks it’s normal. Actually, it’s about 1 and a half year he and yuki be in love but now it seems like fade away. Yuki san lately always keeping a secret from him, he felt something wrong but he didn’t show it. So, as revenge, he continuing to hurt her. It was like a rebellion. He hates yuki to tell him lies. It start a month ago where yuki seems to be so closed with a guy he don’t know and always go for a movies .when he ask, yuki lies that he go to shopped with the girls till one day ruki caught her together with the guy at narita station. He really want to know who that guy is, but because of his egoistic he just let it go and if yuki doesn’t want him anymore, he think, it would be okay. Then, start from that day, they become far apart. The Vagabond pub was about half an hour from his house, after paying the taxi, ruki walk calmly into the pub. He wants to be relief from the problem he had now. This is ruki, who always run away from a problem he got.
Yuki watch inside the taxi she also took with. Ruki was alone, so, maybe she just too insecure. With a little relieve, she now know that Ruki doesn’t have any other girl. A phone ringing. Yuki took it and her cousin was on the phone. She smiled.

“you looks like having a problem don’t ya?” Ryutarou yamada start to ask her after she seems so sad.
“I don’t know yama-kun. It’s my boyfriend, he keeps be apart from me lately and just now, I follow him, but he was alone. I thought he’s having an affair.” Yuki answer with a gloomy tone.
“Maybe he got problems, you should ask him.”
Yuki sights. She just doesn’t know if she can’t ask him or not. It just, they have been too awkward nowadays. It was like she has been in love with a stranger.
“Perhaps… .. emm,yamada-kun, thanks for accompany me today. Is it okay?”
“It’s okay. You’re my cousin right? If there anything that I can help, just call me…” he said with smile. Yuki felt happy. yamada is her cousin and also a best friend since she was child. He just comeback from Canada and really wanna see yuki. Yamada-kun also has had introduced yuki to his girlfriend and they will be married this year. Yuki feel that the girl was lucky to have him. And suddenly, ruki comes into her mind. Her smile fades again. Don’t know why she can’t smile again when she thinks of ruki. She feel like wanna cry. Her heart really hurt to think about the relationship that don’t wether it can be save again or not. It’s hard to think about the possibility, cause yuki really love the realationship since she really love ruki.
Outside the restaurant, Ruki really can’t take it anymore. He felt like being betrayed and it make he really look down, plus he was drunk. He rushed into the restaurant and punched the guy. Yuki was shocked.where the hell is Ruki come?
“ ruki-san, dame-yo (don’t) ! “ shout her. But ruki did continuing punching the guy. Everyone was shock too, and it became really chaos there.
“matte yo (wait).. ! “ yuki tried to loose the fight but ruki become more aggressive. Yamada-kun tried to fight back. He was annoyed by Ruki. Out of nowhere, punch him like a pillow.
“matte yo , ruki-kun. Nani o shiteru no (what are u doing )?! ” yuki tried to talk to him but this time Ruki suddenly stop. Without any replied, he just walk by with a scary expression. Yuki was really shock. What was that? She felt sorry to yamada-kun. She don’t know what to do. Ruki must be so angry. He look really scary.
“ yamada-kun, daijoubu desu ka (are u okay)?” Yuki really felt sorry to him. He touched yamada-kun once.
“ is he your boyfriend ?” he asked and Yuki’s nodding.
“ don’t worry, I’m just fine. You should chased him now. He must be mistaken bout me.”
Again, Yuki thanked him. He was really care toward her, Yuki was really thankful. As fast as lightning , she run out from  the restaurant to chased after Ruki.
Ruki doesn’t look fine. He was totally drunk and mad. Everything seems like punching bag to him. He has totally crazy. Without he even noticed he become grudge to see Yuki with other guys. He thought that he would be okay.
“ ruki-kun .. ! “ Yuki called his name. Ruki knows that Yuki is nearer, but he never stop.
“Ruki-kun, matte-yo .. “
He heard that she’s crying. But with he egoistic he ignore it.
“yuki, please don’t follow me again.” Said him, and just walk leaving yuki that is still crying. Yuki was really hurt. She can’t bear it anymore, she’s crying too hard that night while watching Ruki left her.
“ Ruki-kun… “she felt that the end will come. She’s crying and crying. As thought, that night without a star, it was a gloomy night; just like her heart. It was raining suddenly along with her tears.

The other night was the same; it’s a gloomy night. Yuki was waiting for Ruki’s phone call but there is no sign of it. She’s sigh and still waiting. It wasn’t like usual where Ruki love to call her at night and said “oyasumi” before going to sleep. Then, she decides to call him. At first, there is no answer, Ruki insist to answer the phone call. But, after 4 calls that yuki made,Ruki call her. Yuki’s heart was beating so fast when Ruki’s name appears on the screen. She picks it up quickly. But there is no voice. It’s quite. She felt so sad until decide to start the talk.
“Ano,… moshi-mosh, Ruki-san.. genki desu ka (how are you) ?” she’s a little bit nervous. She really hopes to listen to his voice.
“Um.! ”
That was the only thing she heard on the phone. She felt like to cry now. Ruki seems has no mood to talk with her.
“Are u stil mad at me? “Ask her.
“What does u want to talk actually ..?” he dumbs her. Yuki felt more and more sad. Her tears start to fall.
“I’m sorry, I want to explain to you bout yesterday, he …” without even have changes to finish it. Ruki stop the line.
“ oi, matte, matte ..! I don’t want to listen to any kind of lies again...!”
Yuki startled when she listen to that kind of talk. She really can’t bear it anymore. She has hurt so much. Her cries become louder. It’s the tears of disappointment.
“ nande… why did you treat me like this..,why ?!” Her tears fall again and again. She’s raising her voice to hide it.  
“It’s your fault  ... “that was what she heard from Ruki and right now, she was totally dissapointed.
“I think this is our end, right?” she said that so fast because, if she could, yuki don’t want to say that really. She was waiting for ruki’s positive response. And at the same time,Ruki was startled. He actually never thought of that. He become mad and  his rebellion heart comes again.
“ as you wish.. !”  he stop the phone call .
With anger, Ruki throw the phone to the wall. He really had gone mad that night. He smoked and drinks a lot that night hoping that he can forget the girl he really loves. He knows that Yuki was crying just now, he hurt too. He hurt for Yuki’s crying but at that time, he thinks that there is no other way than just end it. But, in his heart, he really misses yuki’s pamper voice, he really misses her care, he misses everything about yuki. He just frustrated with what yuki had told lied. Why did she don’t want to tell the truth? Why did she have to lie?  Why did you go to that guy if you still love me? And why you look like you feel save whenever with him? Who is he??? Chikuso (damn it) !

That morning, Ruki woke up late than usual. He quickly looks at his interphone and there were 3 miscalls from his manager. Then, he quickly gets ready for today recording. Everyone must be waiting. He bath as fast he could and get dressed. As routine, he took his phone to send an “ohayou”message to yuki, but then suddenly remembered that yuki’s not his anymore. He sighs, and starts to be in bad mood feeling.
He called reita to pick him up today since the manager cars didn’t show up. It must be they have been tired waiting of him. Reita arrived an hour after that. Once ruki’s in the car, reita had a feeling that ruki wasn’t okay that day.
“ daijoubu? You seem gloomy these days, you know?”
“I’m just okay ..!” he said in a bad tone. Reita just smile. He knows ruki well. It must be the problem with his girlfriend.
“okay, we’re here !” reita said in a happiest tone in order to make the mood. But ruki ignore it. He just open the door and slammed it. Reita startled.
“Hey, it’s my car!”
“Did I care ..?” ruki laugh.
“ nani (what ) .. !!” reita start to chased him. Ruki run and laugh hard.  Reita laugh too, he happy to know that he had change the mood of ruki.But it not last long, in the recording room, Ruki’s face look gloomy again after he was recording a song called pledge. Reita knows, the problem his friend face is not just a problem. While they take a rest, reita take this chance to ask him.
“ oit ..what is wrong with you ?”
“Nothing .. “
Uruha who was also in the room, interrupt.
“ haha he must be got some big problem with his girlfriend .”
“ chigau –yo! “ ruki denies.
“ ahh, I think so, uru-chan . it must be his fault , isn’t it haha ?”  Reita make fun on him. It seems funny to tease Ruki.
“she’s not mine anymore.. “
Reita and Uruha shocked.
“ehh, uso?!!”
“ eit, chotto..chotto.. majide, Ruki-kun? Reita want some explanation. He stares at ruki.
“Looks like it. ..” Ruki took off his jacket and sit helpless. chigarette was in his hand every time.
“I’ve told you, it must be your fault...” uruha interrupting again. Ruki stares at him
“why do it has to be me ?”
“You are a selfish jerk, hahaha “both of the laugh. Ruki seems angry with them. He just sniffs.
“What the fuck ..!”

It was a really hard day for Ruki. The recording end early today so, he took of earlier than the other members. He had no mood to join them for a drink. For this time, he had just thinking bout yuki. It was like a dream that yuki was not him anymore. In the middle of his way home, he bump into the guy he punch the other day. Yamada was shocked but he act calmly.
“ ouh, you’re the guy from the other day, right ? yuki-chan’s boyfriend. “ Yamada tried to act nice but ruki ignored him. He just walk away. Yamada smirk and touch his shoulder.
“ matte, I need to talk to you . “
“ nanka-yo ?” said Ruki. He has no mood to talk with that jerk (in his thought).
“ yuki-chan .. really love you right ?”
“ so ..?”
“ I’m his cousin , and also his ex-boyfriend. But please don’t misunderstand me.i just come back from Canada month ago and I really wanna meet her. And I will be married this year too. She has told me a lot bout you. And she really do care you a lot . I hope you wont disappointing her .” Yamada tried to explain the thing that has been the misunderstanding all this time.
“ oo.. sokka ? do you guys has discuss it already before this ? and.. I never know that you’re his cousin and what ? an ex? “
Yamada laugh. This guy seems so naïve.
“ ruki-san, she will never do that to you. I know her well, we have been friend from we’re child. It’s Yuki. She must be told you lie right ? I just know really well a guy like you. What if yuki said that she met her cousin a.ka. ex-boyfriend ? you must be really mad, aren’t you ?”
“ hey, are you making fun on me ?”
“ as what you thought .. btw, I’m going back to Canada to day. So.. ja ne. “ yamada give him a bow before took a leave. Ruki-kun thought for a moment . is it ? Did I’m the one again who make the mistakes ?

The rain outside will never treat yuki’s heart well. His mind was full of memory of Ruki. How can she forgot him? Yuki cry again. The pledge song was playing again on the radio. Yuki’s heart was full of sorrow when she listens to that song. And at the same time, Ruki’s heart also full of glazed. He was thinking really hard and he still can’t accept the lies that yuki’s made. It was like she doesn’t trust him at all. Ruki’s hurt by that, cause he really serious to yuki all this time. All of his words to yuki was all the truth. He starts to felt pain and infuriated. He really wants to called yuki and gets her back. Am I too selfish? He think of himself quite lot that night. Maybe, I can make a call. Thought Ruki.
Yuki wiping her tears after she sudden heard her phone ringing. It was ruki ! don’t know why her heart pounding so damn hard. She quickly pick up the phone although she don’t really know what to talk.
“ moshi .. “ Ruki’s first start.
“ moshi moshi.. “ yuki replied.
“ how are you ?”
“ I’m just fine .. and you ?”
“ pain..”
It’s quite after ruki said that . Yuki once again felt like crying.
“ yuki , … “ ruki called her after he heard that tiny cries.
“ hum .. “ yuki has no voice to answer again.
“ you’re crying right ? “ ruki asking. yuki tightened. She put her hand over her mouth to keep from crying.
“ gomen for making you cry. … I was really selfish isn’t it ? “
“ ruki-kun.. “ yuki moved.
“ but why did you lie to me, dear?”
“ I’m sorry .. I didn’t meant to .. “
“did you remember that I said that I want to protect you ?”
Yuki’s just nodding over the phone. She doesn’t want to say a thing. She doesn’t want Ruki’s know that she cries so hard.
“Those words are really for you, I meant it till the end. So, please don’t lie to me again. “
Yuki moved again. She can’t endure more sorrow anymore. She knows that it’s her fault at the first place.
“ gomen .. hontou ni gomen. “She replied in tears.
“ listen carefully, I want you to come back to me again and for this time I will never let go of your hand again.let just leave this “goodbye” coz  don’t want any further loss anymore and i won't loose sight of you again . Just tell me that you will be by my side. “
Yuki smiled in tears. she laugh of joy. Her tears still flowing as she really moved with what ruki had said to her.
“ arigatou.. I’m really sorry for making lies.. I’m sorry .. Ruki-san, i want to be by your side again …..“  her cries continued as her heart feel the happiness again.

Kizu tsuketa ato tashika
Kizukenakatta koto
Ayamachi no kazu kimi wo motome
Mitsume aeta hazu sa
Chīsana uso ga
Hibi wo umeteita
Utagai wo kawasu yōu ni
Ushinau imi wo kokoro ga shiru
Tachitsukusu nidome no fuyu
Kimi wa mienai asu ni tomadoi
Koe wo age, naiteita ne
Kotoba wo sagasu koto mo dekizu ni
Ochiru namida wo hirotta
Sabishisa ni tsutsumarete
Hibi wa tada wo nurashi
Hikari wo motomeai kurikaeshita
Mata fukaku omoeru
Koe wo kanjite no wa uso janai
Ah, tashika ni kimi no tonari de
Aishiteru nandemo iranai
Tada zutto, soba ni ite to
Koe wo tarashi naiteita kimi ni
Kowarete yukitai
Saisho de saigo no kotoba wa kimi e sono ude wo (hanasanai yo)
Kata wo narabete onaji yume ga futari wo saru
Chīsana uso ga katachi wo kaete
Shiroi yuki ni toketeyuku
Ushinau imi wo wasurenu you ni
Nando mo mune ni kizamu yo
Sayonara wa koko ni oite arukidasou
Mou nido to miushinau koto wa nai
Futari ai wo tashikameau you ni
Kanashimi wo mitekita kara
Ashita futari kiete shimatte mo
Mou nakanai utai yo
Itsuka sugisaru kisetsu no you ni
Kawariyuku futari ga ite
Kanashimi ni tachidomaru yoru ga kite mo 、
Wasurenaide, owaru koto wa nai 、Futari yume no naka... 』

Fanfic yukixRuki (the gazette)

sorry for my bad bad english ! :( but i made this fanfic special for my friend who really like Ruki ! ^^

Fanfic : the Gazette ( Ruki)

Title: Himitsu no uta.

Characters: 1) Matsumoto Takanori (Ruki) .

                   2) yuki shirota (not a real name )

Yuki look at her phone. It’s about 2 pm now. But the guy that she promised to meet today did not show up. she sigh a little coz she know that something like this would happen. She wonder if it her mistakes to accept this blind date.

“Yuki-chan, go and meet him. He is my friend’s son. I know you don’t have any boyfriend yet. Just go and get to know him. I really hope that you can enter that matsumoto-kun‘s family “said her mom with smile.

Yuki-chan is a shy and persimist girl who never ever thought about love before. Her life is just full of gardening. She really love flowers and want to make a huge garden one day. That was really her dream but then, she seems can’t fulfill it. Her mother was too strict; she only wants yuki to help her in their family restaurant. Yuki look around to find a clue of the guy that she will meet. But there’s no sign of him at all. Who is he? And why didn’t he show up? It’s about two hours I’ve be waiting for him. I don’t even know his face. It’s only his name. Damn it! I should get home now. Yuki has got enough. She then took her steps to leave. Ther’s no use to wait for someone that she doesn’t even know. But, once she starts to take her move, yuki suddenly bumping into someone who seems in a hurry.

“ ah! Gomen !” said the guy.

“ daijoubu..” Yuki only smile and give a bow. That guy is so handsome! Shout her in mute.

“emm, are you yuki shirota-san ? “ the guy start asking. He was really good-looking with his hat and the glasses. The clothing is also fashionable.

“Ah, hai. That’s me.” yuki’s pounding. Is it him ?!!

“ja, you’re matsumoto takanori –san ?” yuki asking back wondering if it’s really him. She was shocked and was like O-my god,why he has to be this cool ? !

“ hai’ hai’ but please just call me Ruki.” That guy seems not comfortable to talk. He keeps looking around him while yuki’s continuing stares at him. “Let’s talk elsewhere.” He stood up. Yuki’s only nodding. She really can’t take her eyes from looking at him.

Yuki only following him from the back. She doesn’t know how to start a conversation. Her heart keeps pounding ever since she first saw that guy. O-God, am I in love? She is talking to herself while still staring at the guy’s back. But, why do I feel like ive seen him before? Why he look so familiar. Do I know him? It’s true. She really thinks that she used to see this guy but she can’t remember it much. While she still wondering of where the hell she used to meet the guy, Ruki-san suddenly stopped. He turn around and look at yuki once. “Let’s eat ramen!” ask him with smile. Yuki nodding fast. Is he smilling at me?!!!

Yuki was brought to a ramen stall not to far from the first place they met. However, yuki a little disappointed coz not be able to talk to him. Ruki as well, only walk away . They sit facing each other at a table near the window. Without looking at her face, ruki order two set of ramen.

“The ramen here is so delicious. You should try. “ ruki voice awake yuki from her dream.

“Ah.. really? thanks.” After that, the scene becomes mute again. Yuki feel a little bit awry, she think that she have to start a conversation. Okay, I will ask him what his job is. yosh !

“ano.. What are you doing? I mean your ... job?” yuki still feel awkward but she intends not to show it.

“Me? I’m a musician. “A short answer but the voice enchanted yuki lot.

“ ahh, no wonder I feel like I have seen you before!”

“That could be.. “ ruki stares at her suddenly. He took off his glasses. The eyes were really charming. yuki really can’t hold to it. She starts to be in a tizzy way. “Who am I?” he ask again.

“I ..Don’t re …member.” yuki answer in a weird way. Ruki suddenly move forward. His face was too close to her. Yuki gulp! OMG, here he comes!

“You don’t know me?” his soft voice really make yuki in chaos. yuki shook her head without even looking at him. She can even smell his sences , don’t know why she start to like it.

“ hahahhaha you’re so funny!! Why do you have to act like that?! ruki suddenly laughing. Yuki was sure so embrassed.

“Ehhh??? What do you mean?!” she’s shocking.

“ haha nothing.. You’re so cute! I think I start to like you. “ ruki smile. Then, they both laugh to each other.

Yuki was so happy that on that day she was be able to meet her dream guy. She realize that Ruki was in a band and she really love it. She even want to watch him perform. They also promise to meet again on the next day but this time it is sure a real date. Ruki asking her to meet at a theme park and yuki was so damn happy.

The next day, it so cold because it was raining heavily last night. But still there’s a lot of people at the theme park. Yuki still following him from the back but ruki realize it. He stop and walk beside her. Yuki was so touched. He’s a nice guy ! she’s murmuring.

“ you know, when I was in a high school I always come here.” Ruki spot a talk.

“ ouh, sokka. So, you like it here ?”

“yup. “ he smiled.

Yuki was in her dream again. By looking at ruki’s smile. She can’t think of anything else. Why is his smile so charming ? He looks really cool. What if he kisses me?! I would be faint! yuki smile at herself without even notice that ruki had disappeared. There was lot of people and when yuki realize it, she can’t find ruki anywhere. So, she a little scared. She scared of crowded! Where is he? She felt like crying. But suddenly, there’s someone holding her hand. Yuki turn around and it was Ruki !

“please don’t loose from my sight again.” Said Ruki. Yuki touched.

“I’m sorry. ..” and she start crying.

“ hey , why are you crying ?”

“ I thought you when missing and left me here ..” yuki’s crying again and again. Ruki hug her.

“ I will never leave you . you know, when the first time I saw you, I really feel like I want to protect you.”

Yuki was so surprised. She look at his eyes? Is that true ?

“yuki-chan, listen here carefully…. Ore wa, omae wa, suki desu.., “

Yuki’s heart beating so fast. Is this real ? she become speechless. She can’t think of anything else right now, because it so fast !

“ Actually, ive been watching you all this time. You must be forgot, but we used to meet at this theme park . on that day, you’re wearing a pink yukata. And I fell in love with you at a first sight. You were being disturbed by a few guys and I came to you. Didn’t you remember?”

Oh,Crap ! she does remember ! it happen last year in a happy new year ceremony . She come to the theme park with her friends but suddenly get lost by the crowded. It was late at night but she still can’t find her friends. And suddenly a bunch of guys disturbed her. She was so scared and luckily, ruki was there and help her. She can’t see his face clearly because of the dark but she really thankful to him. So now she know that he was Ruki-san !

“ yes, I do remember now…”

Ruki smile when yuki said she still remember it. All this time, he just keep quite. He have been In love with yuki before this and now he can’t wait anymore. He want yuki to be his.

“yuki, will you be my girlfriend?” Ruki ask her with all his heart. Pounding to wait for her answer.,he know that yuki still speechless. He look at her eyes just to show how sincere he is.

“ watashi….”yuki was so nervous..in her heart she felt like shouting that she will!!

And then, …

“hai’, I wi ..” without even get chance to finish her speech. Ruki kisses her. Yuki was shocked but at the same time she was so happy. They kiss.. and kiss and kiss…. and that is the start of a happy life of two couples. :))