it's true,there's no one i can go whenever i feel down here.. even so, i must feel a lil bit stronger than before.
no one can see me when i'm about to cry .. and thats make me start to remember my old day.. it's just a bit lonely,and i really need someone to be with me.
it w be just so lucky, if i could make someone i love to be beside me right now.. and "eien" ... but still, i dun have such luck ..
it's not just a phrase that i create so hard.. it's about what i feel right now.
it's really stressing me out, but i think that i'm doing fine ..whenever i'm thinking about him, i know it w be so pathetic.. but that's the only thing that i can i do, since i know i can't really reach him.. and i never can..
it would just make my problem unsolved if i really think that he can be mine since we are heck far .. there's no way we can be together also .. .. then, my world would just end up lonely.. even , i can't get my best friend to like me either.. coz i know well, that they don't really like me, like i do..
maybe it just me.. it just what my life is.. maybe i just can accept that..
altho i keep thinking that this is so unfair..