my really awesome fav. artist!

LOL ! he look like an anime character ! *nods

what is happening tday ?

my day is as usually in the morning but it turn bad in the evening. i don't know why but something has made me upset huhu. well, like i care. i'm an independent girl LOL ~

alright, as now i'm in a practical session in a hospital in Penang, i learn l;otsa things there and i just realised that there is so many thing that i need to recover .
yeah .. and there is thing that shocking me. it's an instrument in my working place that called as VORTEX.  and it remind me to the gazette new's single. ==> so called VORTEX !@

i hate sulker !

i'm the one who hate people talking with a rude tone.. in my family, i'm the eldest one so i dun really like people who scold me and acting like a boss . n also dun really like someone told me to do that and that., i w like "who are you wanna told me what i do ?" i'm a sensitive person so, please don't make me in a bad mood. . . the think is.,if u can accept me as the way i am, then i'll accept you too.