LeT sinGs wiTh me xD


12012 - 瑠璃

Lyrics: Wataru Miyawaki    Composer: 12012

good bye. tooku te wo furu namae mo shiranu kimi ga iru mou bye bye mou bye bye
good bye. hitori asobi de kakureta kimi wo sagashiteru mou ii yo mou ii daro?

kokoro no DOOR wo KNOCK shite daijoubu-tte sasayaite    usobuku kotoba de nando mo temaneki
hitori-bocchi de nayande    dare ni mo aitakunai-tte kodoku na sekai ga kono me ni chirabaru

akaku somatta hitomi    ruriiro no kanashimi ga nagare
maru de DEJAVU no you na minikuki TRAUMA kizu ga uzuku yo

faraway chiisana koe de dokoka de boku wo yondeiru    mou ii yo    mou ii yo
faraway hibiku byou-yomi ga mittsu ni natte mou ii yo mou ii daro?

kokoro no DOOR wo KNOCK shite aishteru-tte sasayaite    kizutsuku bakari de hitotsu mo ienai
hitori-bocchi de nayande    dare ni mo aitakunai-tte    kokoro no jousho ga yugande sakareru

akaki hiryuu wa kanashi    maiagaru kanashimi no sora wa
kumoru kokoro no moyou    arekuruu itami ni nakiwameku darou

Mou dare mo aisanai to dare mo aisenai to   fukaku mune ni chikai wo tateta
Mou dare mo aisanai to dare mo aisenai to    niramu ruriiro no hitomi de

akaku somatta hitomi   ruriiro no kanashimi ga nagare
maru de DEJAVU no you na    minikuki TRAUMA kizu ga uzuku yo

nageku hiryuu wa kanashi   kodoku na sekai ni koikogare
itsuka kawareru hibi wo nozonde yume-mite nakisakebu darou

mou dare mo aisanai to dare mo aisenai to   afureru namida no wake wa
mou dare mo aisenai    ruriiro no hitomi

problem that haven't solve yet

i got so many problems.. and who else doesnt have problem..
we are human right?
many problem can create depression ..
prob with family,
probs with studies..
probs with money
probs with frens..
and there are toom many problem that are unsolved..
just same as me..
the girl who has lotsa problem..
Frankly, i will always run away from it ..
what a coward isn't it ?
but, i tried to be as strong to overcome thos thing ..'
what say u?
huhu ..
and.. the other probs are... i got tests.. straight test LOL ~
the thing is, i can't concentrate on my studies..
again..and again i cant afford it ...
so, what shud i do?
ive pray a lot..
then, what shud i do ???

a story of LOVE

what do you think about love
what is love for you?
well, today i feel like to talk bout my lovelife.. xD
since i was in primary school i had felt in love with this boy..
can i give his name here? i guess so .. his name is DXXXXXXX..
so, generally, he was my first love of all .. xD
i reallt likes him but due to shyness i think he never knew that..
what is the best bout him is. . he was so gentleman and too gentleman for a boy who only 11 years old that time ..
i still remember the time he help me from being bullying in school and sit next to me when there's no one want to sit in front .. coz there's only me who sat at the front desk in my class .. the others was scared to that science teacher. huhu
also, that time he gaves me the drawing sand thing and the way he talk to me were so softly (^,^ # )
Frankly, not only me who likes him since he is the most good looking boy in my class haha.. but sometime, he act too kind to me and makes me wonder something..
on that time, i just can pretend that he likes me too LOL~
but then, it almost 9 years past.. and ive never see him after my UPSR..
but what have i heard he has turn into a bad guy O.O????

then,  moved to my high school love story....
After my UPSR, ive been accepted to a boarding school name KOSPINT..
At first , i don't see anyone that can melt my heart like dXXXXXXX did huhu
until one day, my english teacher ask me to go to her night class and she said there will be 5 boys who will join my class..
so, i just nodded and don't think much about that since i really don't care if there will be boys in my class.. but when the class is about to begin.. i suddenly gave a look at this one cute boy..
and his name is hXXXXXXXX huhu..
i don't know what can i describe how cute he was.. i mean his eyes is so gorgeous and he is totally cute T_T..
And from that day, ive become his obsessing secret admire...
and as same due to my shyness,,.. i dont confess to him .. i just stalking him LOL~
i take care of everything he do and everything he eat ,.. hahahha im such a crazy that time..
till one day, i talk to my friend bout this and know what? she spread my stories to everyone ~!! LOL! that was a cheap thing to do and i was being so embrassed when i heard that he knew that i like him ! DAMN IT !~ but, i don't stop there, i keep stalked him and during HARI RAYA, i gave him two beautiful homemade card .. heee ~ (blushing a lot ~).. xD

see? from that time i never been in a couple although i have someone that i like..that was because he has being gossip with other girl ..
people said that he has already had someone he likes.. and the girl is such a beautiful and smart girl ... pheeeewwwwwwwwww.. what can i do since im not as beautiful as her .. so, i just give up haha..
so, after that...the story of my lovelife has become more interesting after i met a guy name aiman.. LOL ~
guest what? he was my partner .. not the first but the last until i broke up with him and i don't find any of his replacement yet.. not that i can't forgot him.. not at all.. it is just i feel tired of liking someone.. seriously.. it is really tired LOL~
i speak to myself if ive been destined to be together with someone that i love, i will meet him no matter where he is.. the thing is, i dont find any man that is suitable for me and my dream man is obviously hard to find..
yup, i want a gentle,responsible,lovely,kindhearted but cool guy in my life..
maybe ive found one but he can't be mine.. he can only be in my fantasy life..
want to know who? he is definitely shou!!! SHOU from alice nine ,.. ngehehehe :p

sad thing that happen ..

today, is the saddest day happen to me ..
what is friend mean to you?
friendship is something that you can share everything with ..
to cry with ..
to laugh with..
to play with ..
like, everything you do, friend will bright your day..
but, i don't find a friend like that..
maybe there is one out there ..
but i can't find them ..
or maybe it's all GOD will ..
HE want me to learn something from the things that goes by.. 
well, i just tried to think POSITIVE but sometime i also feel tired with those all things that ive been doing with all my self ..
i don't remember that i have friend that can share thing with me, cry and laugh with me ..
ohGod, how i missed my school time ..
please give me back the happiness of friendship to me.. 
really damn miss it T_T