problem that haven't solve yet

i got so many problems.. and who else doesnt have problem..
we are human right?
many problem can create depression ..
prob with family,
probs with studies..
probs with money
probs with frens..
and there are toom many problem that are unsolved..
just same as me..
the girl who has lotsa problem..
Frankly, i will always run away from it ..
what a coward isn't it ?
but, i tried to be as strong to overcome thos thing ..'
what say u?
huhu ..
and.. the other probs are... i got tests.. straight test LOL ~
the thing is, i can't concentrate on my studies..
again..and again i cant afford it ...
so, what shud i do?
ive pray a lot..
then, what shud i do ???

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