sad thing that happen ..

today, is the saddest day happen to me ..
what is friend mean to you?
friendship is something that you can share everything with ..
to cry with ..
to laugh with..
to play with ..
like, everything you do, friend will bright your day..
but, i don't find a friend like that..
maybe there is one out there ..
but i can't find them ..
or maybe it's all GOD will ..
HE want me to learn something from the things that goes by.. 
well, i just tried to think POSITIVE but sometime i also feel tired with those all things that ive been doing with all my self ..
i don't remember that i have friend that can share thing with me, cry and laugh with me ..
ohGod, how i missed my school time ..
please give me back the happiness of friendship to me.. 
really damn miss it T_T

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