top 30 japanese emoji,

1 (^_^) or (^_^)v, etc 100 Laughing
2 (>_<)> 66.4 Troubled
3 (^_^;) 54.4 Troubled
4 (ToT) 53.3 Crying
5 m(_ _)m 52.9 Apologising
6 (^^ゞ or (^^;) 38.3 Shy
7 ( ̄ー ̄) 20.6 Grinning
8 (≧∇≦)/ 18.9 Joyful
9 ( ̄□ ̄;) 18.9 Surprised
10 (#^.^#) 18.8 Shy
11 (*´▽`*) 16.1 Infatuation
12 (ーー;) 15.4 Worried
13 (*^▽^*) 15.0 Joyful
14 _| ̄|○, orz, OTL, etc 13.7 Depressed
15 (^▽^) 11.1 Laughing
16 キタ━━━(゜∀゜)━━━!!!!!, (゜∀゜), etc 11.1 I think it is “I’m here!!!”, but I just don’t really know!
17 (´・ω・`) 10.3 Snubbed
18 ( ゚ Д゚) 8.8 Shocked
19 (・∀・) 7.7 Laughing
20 (T▽T) 7.1 Crying
21 (* ̄m ̄) 6.8 Dissatisfied
22 ( ´∀`) 6.0 Laughing
23 (⌒▽⌒) 5.3 Laughing
24 (^v^) 4.9 Laughing
25 ヽ(´ー`)┌ 4.7 Mellow
26 (’-’*) 4.1 Laughing
27 (‘A`) 3.8 Snubbed
28 (゜◇゜) 2.1 Surprised
29 (*°∀°)=3 2.1 Infatuation
30 ∩( ・ω・)∩, ( ・ω・), etc 1.3 Joyful

unbelieveable !!!!! ( ゚ Д゚)

i just saw my old friend who turn into a shemale (MAKNYAH) !!!!! OMG ~
Visual kei

Visual kei actually is not something that we call genre, but it do part of music. Visual kei are image of gothic, style and western culture that mirroring each band, which of each band have their own style of fashion, make up, colorful customs, how their elaborate their hair style and it shows what sub-genre rock music that they perform.

Visual Kei emerge in the late 1980s establish by bands such as x-japan. Visual kei are acceptable more at Europe and American market at first but around the middle of 90’s, their popularities increase and album sales reach record numbers.

Standard visual kei also known as kurofuku kei( black suit) coz they always wears suit and they are:
Malice mizer
Dir en grey
Luna sea

There’s a few different type under visual kei such as:
1. angura kei

2. oshare kei

3. soft v-kei

4. decora kei

5. Kote kei

6. Kote-osa kei

7. Nagoya kei

8. Misshitsu kei

9. Chikashitsu kei

10. Denpa kei

1. angura kei

Angura kei are more to black, or darker and traditional. Normally, angura kei band wears kimono or something that more to Japan imperial. Their music’s contain rude and cruel language and suitable for under age. Angura come from word underground. Their songs often use in anime. Bands in angura category are:

2. Oshare kei

Oshare kei is totally opposite with angura kei. A Japanese music and fashion style, translating to “fashion conscience.” The bands of the oshare kei genre, unlike those of visual kei, are bouncy and bright, their songs focusing on happy and positive messages like friends and relationships. Other than occasional eyeliner and colored contacts, they rarely wear a lot of makeup, also unlike the visual kei genre. Oshare kei started to appear around 2001, and was said to have been started by Ryo of Baroque in their PV “Anakuro Film. It Links Closely To Harajuku Syle. It Has A Mix Of J-rock, Lolita And Visual Style Thrown In To Make It Unique. Oshare Kei Is A Gorgeous Style And Looks Cute. Bands in oshare kei are:
Antic café (most popular)
Alice nine

3. Soft v-kei

Soft v-kei are almost same as oshare kei, but different in decent suits fashion, light makeup, orthodox music. Bands in soft v-kei are:
Janne da arc

4. Decora kei

Decora kei are most heavier than oshare kei from fashion, make and customs. Bands under this type are:

5. Kote-kei

Kote-kei is heaviest and darker than oshare kei and they perform loud and shout music. Their music divides into 2 parts which is black kei and white kei. Black kei is heavy and speeds melodies while white kei is melodious and transparent. They are:

6. Koteosa kei

Koteosa kei is combination from kote kei and oshare kei. Examples are:

7. Nagoya kei

This type originally came from Nagoya themselves and they are:

8. Misshitsu kei

Misshitsu Kei, generally term used for bands that belonged to the label Misshitus Neurosis, means a room that is secret or cannot be entered. Their bands are:
Plastic Tree

9. Chikashitsu kei

Chikashitsu kei means basement. Terms come from concert at Tokyo chikashitsu around 1997, combination from angura kei and denpa kei. Bands are:
Inugami Circus Dan
guruguru Eigakan

10. Denpa kei

Denpa kei is the music often uses squeaky female voices that have sometimes been pitch-shifted to sound more anime-like. Some of the voice actors actually can make those strange childish voices without the technology, which is quite amazing. I think they are similar like cyber kei. Artists are:
Cotton Panties

credit to: ai-chan sensei

Had a happy day today ! ∩( ・ω・)∩, ( ・ω・),

happy, i'm happy, happy, i'm happy.(≧∇≦)/
i just feel a little happy today, so my currebt mood is ==> hareruya by AAA.
love that song. and yes, AAA is the best. you guys rock !
so, what am i do today ?
nothing much actually, just like a usual life, got to go to HPP. But currently i'm at histopathology lab. it's abit boring there but could be satisfy.
All staffs there are so nice and kind LOL. really !
heee ~
emmm, it's 9.13 pm but i still havent takinmg my bath since i got back from work.HAHAHHA
hahahha but don't worry, i just about to go bath now. so, ja ne ! hehee ^^v


In Penang, every year there will be a festival for the japanese society called BON ODORI. and today, i just got there and had fun time with some japanese i found. So, i took some picture to share to my friend . check it out !

drum perfomance by PJS.

cute little japanese child.

it's reita's cosplayer. OMG!