#Today's story : going out, nail, facial stuff , mascara :)

good evening..
hey, i'm just come back home...
from shopping mall , hang out and do some "cuci mata" hakhak..
No,actually,.. it just on the purpose to buy my routine stuff, with no friends.. just me alone ..
well, i am a lonely girl haha
Okay, at first, i was really curious on what should i where..
so, i open my wardrobe and looking for some suitable dress to wear.
hmm, nothing nice to wear actually.
dah lame tak kuar beli baju/online dress pon dah lame tak tempah.:p
so, i'm just taking out what i've already got.
 i do some mix and match.
                                             A long white dress with black and white cardigan.
 I bought them last year, still new though. :p
Pluss, the cardigan is my favourite xD
*walau kuar sorang2 mesti lah nak cantik, kan ade org ushakan hahaha*

Ahh ! about the nail. Yes, i do wear a fake nail before going out LOL. it's fake so please don't think anything weird. Hahaha
i admit that i always do fake nails. coz it attractive and beautiful ! Pluss, i love the decoration.
The one that i wear is purple in colour and i bought it in Penang.
 It's not expensive, just RM25 a box.

Okay stop nagging about unnecessary stuff! 
Back to the story,i just go to the nearest shopping mall, since my mother got something else to do later. So,curious  what  did i buy  ?
Well, it's only my routine facial stuff. I used Follow me oil control+whitening.
 For me, it's the best facial thingy than others that i used to try. I bought the one that so-called basic kit which content an anti shine cleanser,a purifying toner, a mattifying moisturiser and a free sun shield! It's only RM 17.90 per box!!COOL!
 the cleanser

 Toner, use after cleanser. 

moisturiser. use after cleanser and toner.

Free sun block that can protect your face.
Plus, it can be use as a make up base before applying foundation

so, what's best about this product? 
Follow me oil control+whitening consists of 4 active ingredients such are sea algae that works to reduce excess sebum and unclogs pores, 
tea tree oil that can reduces blemishes and the appearance of large pores, 
solar white-c to minimises pigmentation to fairer and more radiant skin
 and lastly, pre-biotic that stimulates and maintain balance of friendly bacteria on skin!
The result, your face w be more fairer and soft. 
My skin has become more softer ever since i uses it!xDD
i can assure you, follow me is the best !

*haha promote2!*

About the maskara, actually i'm planning to buy my usual one..Maybelline The Colossal Volum' Express Mascara .
But i didnt..after suddenly i feel like trying silky girl.oh!

Silky girl Lash curler mascara. i've put it on and  not bad!xD
*ala..yang macam juliana evan pakai tu(iklan silky girl )*

hohoho.. cantik gak la..puas hati :p
Plus, the price is lot cheaper. Only RM 19.90.hakhak
you need to buy one too lah! It's so nice. Just try it out ! xDD

@#@@#$$%$ (ehhh..?!)

Okaylah, i think i'm at my limit now. Don't know what to else write .*blank mode*
DAMN! Need to end this ridiculous entry.!!
(Laugh out louD)

so,mata nee !!(^^)/

p/s: Thankies to Deera and Aeny for mentioning bout my blog in one of your entry 


Miss Kagimoto said...

wah! i love that nail XD
so pretty..
maybe i should by one lol ^0^/

aiharaRiko said...

yup mira-chan! you should! xDD