My top 5 Malaysian Vlogging.

genki, minna?
Today, i was really pissed off. know why ?
My YT account has been suspended for no reason !!
Since , there's no lots of vid in there, i just don care.
i rebuild another haha
Okay, back to the main,
i want to show you, Five of my favourite vloggers in Malaysia.
I choose them not based on lotsa subscribers or not..
it's based on what i enjoy to watch with.
Mean i aiways update their video everytime i go to youtube,
so, check it out ! xD

you know what.., i like this guy on making parody video. I think, he really got the talent.
One of his vid  that make me laugh so hard is this ! :

2. AMANWAN Channel.
This Guy, always make me like LOL. He's cool with his vlogging style and commercial parody. Always make laugh till i fall from my chair :p

Hmmm, i choose him because his video will make me laugh like so DIE hard ! HAHAHA. Plus, he's from terengganu. As same as me . LOL Hidup terengganu !!! His Funny  and good-looking style really attract me to keep viewing his videos. So, check it out !

Well, his video got lot of message , with cool style. I LIKE ^^. He's maybe one of the best malaysian vloggers. ^^V

Okay, he's the hero. Whenever i go to youtube. i will always searching for his new videos. Don't know why. Buy, i really like his vids , seriously. The messages,style,humour are really " SUUGGOOIIIII " ! Thumbs up !!! xDD

oryte, i think, my writting is a lil bit messy today. Since i was really pissed off with YT just now. I feel like wanna kill someone so, i don't want to talk much. HAHAHA.
tahnks for reading xD

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