fake artists/celebrity posers on facebook.

Lately, it's been so hard for me to updating my blog since i'm being so lazy. But today i got the opportunity to updating. And it's about on how a fans trying hard to imitating their own favourite artist.

 Okay, as we know, since we've been a artist,or an entertainer, of course we will be a public fiqure and lots of photoes and info spreading also. So, it is not weird when there is a fan trying to be them.I know that the fans must be really die hard to be like their artists but for me it is so wrong.

 For example, you create a facebook and put the artists name and claim that you are the real one. For me, it's against the law. why do i said that ? okay, let see. First, you are in relationship with a girl and then the girl spread that she is the girlfriend of that artist. Of course it will be a fake rumours spread and plus you're playing with the girl's heart . Second, you talk with a fans, and then the fans did say something that wld make you angry, and you said something unreasonable or harsh thing to the fans. Then the fans believe that their idol had being rude to them. Didnt you ruin your favourite artist career by just a small matter ? And if i've been the artists himmself, and if i know this thing happen in the fandom, i would be upset.seriously.

So, i want to give some advices. Please don't easily believe to a facebookers that claims that they are the real one. logically, if you are the real one, you will never put on the info section " i'm 100% real.". That's so lame.urggh !

Then, mostly and usually a celebrity would have their own stage name and don't want or not intend to spread their real name to public so, if you add someone, they put the celebrity full name and claims as the real one, 100% is a fake one. Example, ruki from the gazette. we all know that his name is Matsumoto Takanori right ? But in his twitter he didnt put that name instead of "RUKI_THE GAZETTE". So, what is on the earth he want to put his real name if he really has facebook. Even you, yourself did not like to put the full name,right ?? 

lastly my advice, if the artists himself really own a facebook, they will announced it on their official website, but if he really own one, then, he didnt announced it means, it only for a friends he know or for their privacy life.
Guys, please don';t be easily get fooled and please don't fooling people around. 


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Kayzem said...

huk aloh.. buang karen je duk risau pasal artis wei.. pi buat kerja lain :P

aiharaRiko said...

hoho. biorloah ~~