fall in love with niji no yuki album.

yo! guys ^^
my entry today is about my favourite jrock band.
okay, for those who don't know, jrock is stand for japanese rock. okay ?
and for those who don't know alice nine,
alice nine is a japanese visual kei rock band consist of :
Shou as the vocalist,
Hiroto as the lead guitarist,
Tora as the guitarist(second),
Saga as the bassist,
and Nao as the drummer also act as the leader.
alright !! 
so, their newest maxi single "Niji no yuki"  has just release yesterday
 with three track list : 1) niji no yuki, 2) nemesis and lastly a new version of yami ni chiru sakura, i think that this is the best single i have ever heard from Alice nine.
in my opinion, this is the best !
because i really love all those three track and right now i don't ever get tired of listening to them.
And yami ni chiru sakura new version really made my day ! 
as usually,Alice nine is awesome  and as expected
shou-san singing is improve and i really love him ! tehehe
Actually it's about a month i didn't update about Alice nine,
it's because i'm busy with theGazettE haha my other best jrock band.
so, this time, Alice nine made their come back to my heart.
Aishiteru !!

mood: nemesis-AliceNine

track list :
1- Niji No Yuki
2- Nemesis
3- Yami ni chiru sakura (new version)

to purchase just go to : NijiNoYuki type A
                                   NijiNoYuki type B

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