miss Dim :3

Then Shiroki Yuutsu (White Melancholy) comes in. I think it's the less desperate ballad of the album, even though it's still about regrets and melancholy, as the title says. There is more violin in this song (this time used as another instrument and not just a track in the background), and the drum breaks keep the song in the same vein as DISTRESS AND COMA and Kanshoku. Add to this some whispers and and acoustic guitar lines and you'll get an indeed very melancholic song. The guitar solo sounds very rock-like, and definitely reminds me of the solo of another song... but I can't recall which one. Well, I'm sure I've already heard a solo starting like this anyway, and that's why it didn't sound that much original to me. On the other side, I was totally satisfied with the ending, the burst of violin, bass and drums repetitions sound absolutely great. And I also love the way Ruki can express complicated feelings such as regret and sadness with simple and poetic words... Shiroki Yuutsu is a good ballad, and an interesting song too as the GazettE usually don't write such calm and melodic songs.

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