i love kana nishino !

Kana nishino is one of japanese pop queens.
her voice is so enchanted and sugggooiii~!
she is now my number one jpop singer .
As all you know i'm more into jrock so, it's quite rare for me to likey jpop song.
but kana-san really crack me out!
she made me like "don't wanna stop to listen to all her songs".
that's really crazy i know. 
but she is really awesome !!
it just one thing that bother me is., it's hard to find her song in youtube or in any sites. since sony music japan is so strict :/
hummm that's unfair for kana's fans.
they should make kana nishino official youtube and put her songs preview there or may be her full songs ! hee..
and hope her album can be found in Malaysia too! 
if do, i'm surely gonna buy it!! 

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