hell yeah,
my mood aren't right today.
it's just something stupid that i always thinking.
and my mind keep rewind it, although it something that isn't worth to thinking about.
what can i said about me ? this is me ? i keep making me depressed myself.;(
over and over..
again and again..
i'm such a useless person , i know..
i don't know where should i go in this world..
i got headache..
i feel lost!
lost in my own world!!
i've done too much !!
 and it make me tired..
i'm tired of all this..!
i feel like gone..
gone to somewhere where no one know me..
where no one who can find me..
i'm crying yes!!
i'm emo, i know!!!
this isnt right !!
this depression keep embracing me !
i can;t get this stuff off from me!!
i've dissapointed and dissapointing others !!
and this is so stupid !
i'm stupid !!!!!

stupid !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

just leave me alone everything !! leave me alone !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

You have your God with you, He always with you no matter what you feel inside...throw away your current obsession if you feel it useless...find new obsession, find new life...life is to short, if you miss this time, it will never come back to you...dont waste you 'zaman remaja' just like that


aiharaRiko said...

@AnonymousO.O ouh,, anyway .. thanks :))