shimoshimo(Friendship tips)

what to write today, huh?
no idea la.
or maybe i can share you some tips of friendship?
As we all need and care,
friendship are important right ?
without friends, we might be alone.
so, here a some friendship tips for ya!

1.Always pay attention on her/him. Say, he or she got a problem or a happy news.Always pay an attention on what she/he said :)
2.Avoid Gossips. Please don't gossips others especially when you don't actually know wether the news true or false. It will just make you look bad and people avoiding you.
3.Be yourself. Right! Just be yourself. Cause people love to be friend with someone who has strict identity!
4.Listen to others. Don't claim that you are always right.
5. Willing to share also an important key.Sharing is caring right ? share your thought and stories with your friends. Of corse your friendship bond will get stronger!
6.Not too Bossy. Well, leading is good but avoid to be so bossy . HAHA that's annoying , okay ?
7.Appearance. People with nice look and appearance are always being love by others. I'm not saying stuff like having good looking or not, it's about your way of clothing. Your lifestyle. be clean and neat!
8.Contact. Always make contact with your friend,Don't ever try to be such an arrogant!
9.protect your friend. (nice BFF tips :])
10. Always be there whenever sad or happy :) This might be the best tip also.hah!

That's all. Sorry if the words collapse. i wrote it myself.
Dush! I'm failed!

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