i got to tell you (shortLoveStory) part 1

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wassup !:p

okay , i know that i havent finish my TakaTheBeastMaster fanfic , but seriously i don't have any idea to make the sequel yet :(
 but, i will continue writing on that fanfiction.
alright, now just enjoy my new lovestory.. this is not a fanfiction coz the name are all my creation so, it just a story on based on my fantasies! :p
it's a love story of a vocalist of a band.. ^^P

gambar hanya hiasan :p

Female lead -Megumi Aoyuki :p(found this name randomly on internet )
Male Lead- Miyawaki Takanori (it's actually a combination of "matsumoto takanori" and " miyawaki wataru" .LOL so random ^^)

Megumi just got her new job, a secretary in a famous japanese fashion magazine company. But, the position she sit is not as easy as the boss are so strict! Even her friend, Aiko who work in the same place were so stress !
"megumi-chan , let's go out  next time. it feel like a hell in here!" Aiko pats megumi's back. Make her a little shock.
" humm,, where ?" she smile. know what that tiny girl problem.
"anywhere, i don't care ! maybe we can go shopping. "
" don't you feel tired ? just get some rest ~"
"i can't rest! that witch always bragging on me. and her stupid voice are stucking. i hate that!"
"shhh.. that's loud. she might hear it.." Megumi laughing. It just like, so funny. Aiko-chan are really anti to that lady boss.
"come on..won't you want to accompany me ? just once !" Aiko begging. She know that Megumi is not the social type. She just like doing thing in only her house.
"okay, for this time, i'll company you. In fact, i'm stress too!"
"really ? aww.. thanks ! then , set.. tomorrow okay ? and after that join me to a concert please !"
" what ? what concert ?"
"you know, this band is really cool . i really want to headbanging in there.. releasing my stress !"
"what you mean a rock concert ? no way, it's too loud !"
"ooo megumi-chan, please !!"
"no way.. i will only join you to that shopping thing, not the concert."
"come on, just once.please !" Aiko continue begging her. she pick the two concert tickect that she had bought last week.
"i bought it last week... please megumi, it such a waste if we don't go..please ...."
"alright.. but promise me that this the first and last you inviting me to that kind of concert..okay ?"
"okay..i promise ^^" 

it's about 7 pm but Megumi still in front of her office computer. Updating the schedule of the boss. She don't want to spoil that witch-lady boss mood for tomorrow programme.Megumi sigh. She felt exhausted. Maybe it's late now. She hasnt eat since lunch. She need to stop, she guess. Pluss, it's only her who left in that office. 
On her way home, Megumi stop by at a grocery shop to buy some noodle cup. She might be so lazy to cook yet she doesnt like to eat outside. She is really unsocial type. Her home is her Heaven. 
While she still choosing the noodle cup, a guy accidently struck her from the back. Megumi a little bit  suprised.
" ahh .. i'm sorry!" said the guy while picking up everything that fell down from his hand. 
" it's okay." Megumi help the guy. " here's your handphone" She pick the guy's phone.
"thanks .."the guy smiling. She stares at Megumi a little bit longer.
Megumi was aware by that action.Beside those glasses that guy is staring at her. That make she a little bit shy. She just smile back at the guy and walk away.

p/s: please just ignore my grammar ==

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combinations of takanori matsumoto and miyawaki wataru???!!!! =_=