The Gazette -7月8日 shichi gatsu youka translation

It's been two years since we broke up, but it still feels like it was yesterday 
Even though we're walking down different roads, I still look towards your direction sometimes 

I can't say that I want things to be like before 
Because it's not cool 
But despite that I still love you 
So much that I can't do anything about it... 

I cried every night, which was shameful 
I even tried to forget you because it was so hard 
But I still think about you. 
I'm still so lonely... 

Where are you, and what are you doing ? Were you able to reach your precious dreams... 
Maybe worrying is unnecessary But please, don't erase me from your memory 

Do you still remember ? Those precious days 
When tears and smiles were still spilling 
We cried together saying that 
We would meet again, that we'd never forget each other... 

Even though I'm such a weak crybaby 
Will you walk with me once more ? 
I'll wait for years until that day comes 

Please let me hear your voice I'm right here 
I won't go anywhere anymore I'll stay here forever 
I want to hear your voice, so I'll call you 
But today, this call is rejected again... 
Are you avoiding me ? I don't even know that 
But one day I found you 

You, smiling happily 
You were holding hands with the person you love now 
You were so grown up and so beautiful 
And even though I should've been sad, I was happy 
It was enough to see that you're doing fine... 
I pretend to be strong 

I couldn't even talk to you and I held back my tears 
All I did was wave my hand a little 
Saying thank you, and stay healthy 
Goodbye to you 

I'm still wishing for your happiness 
You, that I love so much that I will never be able to see again 
Thank you so much, from the bottom of my heart 
Goodbye, take care 
Until the day we meet again...

what a touching lyrics :(

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