wrong person.

okay, for today entry..as i usually wake up and sign in to my facebook,
suddenly , a status of my friend caught me.
"Blinded by sins many choose the wrong person to marry. Remember that ! (:"
i agreed to this status for 10000x times..
i don't know what she really meant about this status..
but for my opinion., i agree this because lot's of teenagers nowadays,
are really into  this thing , i mean..
a couple, without any married status, tend to be together..
(humm what should i say here)..
like sleep together?right ?
and everyone know that as a muslim, this is obviously a sin.,
yup, a really big one.
to make a reminder here that.." if the God didnt bless the relationship, it will never lasting."
you make a sin of course, and you didnt repent on what you have done,
yet you married the same person..
and unfortunately, your marriage isnt as happy as you imagine..
coz your husband/wife, ..maybe has an affair, beating you..or has a sexual madness for example..
things is not impossible to happen,right ?
so, karma is always there..
and you make the sins before this..
and of course you will get what you deserve to get..
so, .. thing clearly before you want to do anything..
i mean, it's okay if you want to be in relationship..
but, please be manner..coz.. a sexual doing before married is totally wrong..
lot of disadvantages there, right ?
and for girls.. if your boys ask you to do that.. please, i think you should break up with him..
coz we don't know wether he really serious with you..
or maybe he just want "that"
or maybe he just like to play with you and then just abandoned you, right ?
and if he really do love you, he will tend to protect you rather to make you as his sexual satisfation(humm?? i don't know if my words is right here..hope you understand)..

and i have my second thought also, like you are in love with this person..
and the person, your family did not approve with..
so, you just run away from home, and married him somewhere else..
this is a sin too..
a sin that you make to your family..
i mean, if the guy really like you, he will never ever tired to get your family blessing...
in order to have you as his wife..
that's my point..
and when you married him ,then suddenly, the guy has changed, he didnt care you anymore..
or the guy cannot support you..
like he did not have a permanent job to living..
you will regret there..regret that you have married a wrong person and also regret you have abandoned your family for a person that you only met for a week ??
this is already happen , right ?
yeah.. i see this happen lot ..

so, what i want to say here is.. we should think before make a decision so that we will not choose a wrong path in our life.
and love yourself first before you love somebody :)

this is off topic, i don't know but i would like to post here.. ruki from the gazette oponion in the differences between passion and love.
he said:
"Passion is wanting to be together, to embrace each other, that sense of your desires overcoming you--those sort of things. For me, 'love' is when you live for the sake of the other person. Wanting to protect that person, save that person—a feeling that's kind of like family, I guess. A brief “I love you” kind of feeling is closer to passion. Seeing a future together, that's a feeling closer to love. For example, seeing moments when I become an old man and my partner becomes an old woman, and we're tidying up together. Even if there are some lies, it's a relationship without shame or embarrassment. I think, more so than receiving, love is about providing for and giving. "-Ruki TheGazette in neogenesis '10
and he also stated that :
"Being together just because you're lonely isn't “love”, .."
okay i have to say that i agree coz mostly teenagers cannot make the differences between the feeling of passion.. or the feeling of love.
so, the kind of problems like above happen.
it's more like a passion that you want to be in "couple" .. coz if you love, you maybe want her to be your wife and you will never ruined the girl.

i think,that's all and this is just my opinion:)
lastly,thanks for reading..
please do ignore my grammar, coz i don't use a standard english.. it's more like conversation english.I know. :)
and thanks again! ^^

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