MyObsessions.The Gazette news.

i wasnt there at the gazette Tour Final today, So i was really sad.
but suddenly, i'm happy again when my informer said that they will released a new album called Division .
Also a new single around this august !!
i was so excited!!
seriously i really miss them a lot !!
and the tour Final DVD will be released on 9th may !!
i will purchased it this time since i wasnt there T_T
And another information that i get, that they will held their 10th anniversary at MUKUHARI MASSE and it will be a standing Live !!
excited..excited !!!
forgot to tell that the anniversary live is called the Decade :3

why are they so damn great !!! *dies.

p/s: i heard uruha are so cute and ruki raped the cane O.O lol~

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