untittled entry.

It's being long tyme since i didnt update my blog,
it just, i happen to have my work done.
BtW, happy 10th anniversary to my beloved band, The Gazette,
it might be too late, but i'm happy for all your journey this 10 years,
only to make us sixth guns proud.
Arigatou.. *bow*
Can't wait for your new album -The Division_ and will always support ya..
Thanks for the suprise that Aoi-sama made also,,
he's back on Twitter !!
Also he made a facebook page, but still in no manage yet.
He maybe still new with it.
Dont worry, 
i'll wait :)

*it's good if they can read this*


pfttt.. don't know why i feel damn tired, still got lots work to do tomorrow,
this life is totally mean.. ==*

i'm gonna end this ridiculous shit entry...
Down to earth aledy, good night.. ZzZZzZ~

yang menaip,

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