Real Name : Rifaatul Mahmudah Mohd Razemin

               * Rifaatul (ketinggian)

               * Mahmudah(Terpuji)

Website Name: Aihara Riko.
Birth Place : Terengganu,Malaysia
BirthDate: June 21,1991
Blood Type: O
Height: 162cm.
Foot size: Don't know.
Favourite Perfume: Follow Me , Escada, Issey Miyake
Type of cell phone you use: Nokia
Cell phone ring tone: Ruki's red muffler song.
Number of memories on your cell phone: Not counting
Favourite Brand: Roxy
Favourite Colours: Pink,Purple
Favourite Word(/s) : huh? ye dop?
Favourite Food: kuey teow.
Disliked Food : Tempe
Can you cook? What are you especially good at?: Of course, Lot but not so.
Hobbies : Thing to do with internet,Music
Special Skill : leading.
Habits : sleeps maybe.
Daily Routine:Internet
What types of things were usually written on your report card when you were in primary school?:Keep it up!
Recent Boom: The Gazette Stuff
Charm Point: Eyes
Weak Point: Lips.
Things you collect: Plastics
What type of room do you live in at the moment?:Wooden?
Favourite Place :The beach
Where would you like to try and go? : Japan
How do you spend your days off? : Internet/Music
What’s something you’ve bought recently? : Hairclips
What’s a movie you’ve seen recently? : Wrong Turn 4, Stupid movies!
What’s something you’ve been worrying about recently? : I feel bad when I wake up
Your way to reduce stress : Listen to Gazette!
What’s the most precious thing to you at the moment? : ALL my things.
Who is someone you respect? : Parents.
When was your first love? : form 1.
Did anything come of that love? : Nothing
What do you like in the opposite sex?: Responsible,caring, cool!
What don’t you like in the opposite sex? : egoist boy/guy.
Do you believe in fate?: yes!
Who is someone you want to meet at the moment? : The gazette members!!
Give a message to reader : Thanks for viewing . LOL!